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What these sessions can do for you, and your dog . . .

Take your relationship with your dog to another level.

You will see the potential in your dog come alive with possibilities. With these positive reinforcement training techniques your dog will positively love to work with you.

Keep your dog focused.

Have your dog thinking you’re the best thing since sliced bread and definitely more interesting than the cat across the street.

Stimulate your dogs mind.

The more a dog uses it’s brain the more he/she will be able to problem solve and the more fun things you can teach him/her.

Teach your dog to make better choices.

Teaching your dog to make better choices because they want to means you have to “Manage” less behaviours.

Have more fun with your dog.

Fun training techniques and games which you can play anywhere.

Build confidence for you, and your dog.

A well trained dog is a happier, more confident dog and knowing you have enabled your beautiful companion to live a fuller and more enriching life is a massive confidence boost for you too!

How would it feel to have more attention from your dog? To be able to enjoy on and off lead walks? To have a well mannered dog who asks permission rather than taking off after what it wants?

As a trainer my mission is to assist dogs and their guardians to live as full and enriched lives together as possible. Not everyone aspires to be in the obedience ring at Crufts, certainly not me. What’s important to me is that first and foremost our dogs are happy and well loved members of the family (pet dog) and anything they do on top of that is a fabulous extra.

If you think you and your dog could do with some hands on help, or you would like to learn some fun activities you can play with your dog which will enhance both of your lives please get in touch. I love to work with people who are committed to their dogs well being and willing to learn new things.

This is not a class, we would work at your home (almost always for the first session) or somewhere appropriate in your area.
A 1 hour session will cost £35 in Frome and surrounding villages (Previous Puppy Academy course clients £30.) 
I hope to hear from you soon and am looking forward to the opportunity to work with you and your dogs,

Donna Clark​​

Telephone 01373 452952 or 07792 158673