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Why in your own home?
Dog training is not something you practice for 2 hours a day. Whenever you are with your dog you are communicating with each other. Due to the language barrier it’s very easy to inadvertently give out confusing messages to your pet and he/she can start to develop undesirable behaviours. Good manners start at home and this is the reason consultations are carried out in your own home where you and your dog will be most comfortable and I will be able to most accurately gauge your dogs behaviour and the interaction between you. I will also be able to help you put in place an effective action plan suitable to your individual surroundings.

What happens at a consultation?
A consultation normally takes between 2 – 4 hours. If it takes longer before you feel happy and confident in putting the skills that I teach you into place there is no extra charge.

It is best if all family members can be present at the consultation, that way you can be sure that everyone who has regular contact with your dog understands what they are doing and just as importantly… why.  In order to successfully change your dogs behaviour you must be committed to using all of the techniques I teach you consistently.

We will talk through your dogs history, routine and problems (if any,) and what you would like to achieve with your dog.  We will then come up with an action plan based on kind, calm positive reinforcement methods, directed at your unique circumstances.

Back up after the consultation includes -
A hand written action plan to help keep you on track.
An arranged telephone call within 2 weeks of the consultation to check on progress.
Free back up via telephone or email for as long as you need it so you are never alone.

What will it cost?
Consultation times can vary greatly depending on individual circumstances and I don’t want clients to feel rushed as the clock ticks by, for this reason I don’t charge an hourly rate. The consultation will cost £135, plus 45p per mile, travel expenses. (Travel costs apply after the first 5 miles outside where I am based in Frome, Somerset.)

For more details please contact me:

Telephone: 01373 452952 or Mobile: 07792 158 673

Alternatively send me an email: donna.apps@blueyonder.co.uk with your name, postcode and message.